New Website Update in 2018

Welcome to the new site! I’m going to make an effort to update this consistently, since I get to mess with cool stuff on a daily basis. My old site had not been updated since 2013. I had spent a large majority of my time getting work accomplished for other people, with little time explore what I enjoyed. I love all code. I love all design. So, I have decided this is my playground.

Current Build

This site is built using WordPress utilizing Zurb’s Foundation. I’m also in the process of utilizing their MotionUI. Why did I use these tools? They make what I am doing on this site simple to mess with any code I wish. Currently, my demo site is also based off WordPress, yet I am switching that over to Laravel to allow me the flexibility to write tutorials with just about any language out there.

This is basically a new Unaccounted Writings from back in 2013. I’ve learned a lot since then. You can expect React, Vue, .NET, Laravel, WordPress and everything in between. Here is to the rest of 2018!


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